Membership is open to all individuals involved in evaluation or evaluation-related activities in the public/private sector and civil society.

Membership is also open to all evaluation-related organisations registered, formed or incorporated under the Companies Act, 1965, the Societies Act, 1966, or any legislation passed by the Federal or State governments in Malaysia.
There are four classes of membership, as follows:
Ordinary Membership Individuals who are directly and actively involved in evaluation activities
Associate Members Individuals and organizations, whose main activity is not evaluation but is related to the research or auditing professions
Corporate Membership Public or private sector organisations whose activities are directly related to evaluation or evaluation-related fields
A Member Representative can be nominated, replaced, or removed only by a Corporate Member and shall automatically cease to be a member once he/she is no longer employed by the Corporate Member
Honorary Membership Individuals who are involved with evaluation work and who are in a position to contribute to the growth and development of the evaluation profession
To apply for MES Membership, please contact our Secretariat at: or at

New Constitutional Provisions

Ordinary Membership Fees are RM100.00 per year and can be paid by bank transfer to:
Upon approval, you will be contacted to make the necessary payment.

Name: Malaysian Evaluation Society
Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad
Branch: Taman Bukit Emas, Selangor, Malaysia
Account No 512491107726
Swift code: MBBEMYKL



Instructions for Membership Application:

Step 1: Download the file and complete the required details.
Step 2: Email the completed and signed application form to: (you can sign it with an electronic signature).
Step 3: Send the original completed and signed application form (do not send any payment) to the MES at the following email address.
Step 4: You will receive an email acknowledgement from the Secretaria.
Step 5: Once the MES Board has approved your membership, you will receive notification and payment instructions.

    Membership Registration Form
    Full Name / Name Penuh (required)
    Nombor Kad Pengenalan Baru / New IC Number Umur / Age
    Alamat Pejabat / Office Address
    City Country Postal Code
    Alamat Rumah / Home Address
    City Country Postal Code
    Telefon (Pejabat) / Phone (Office) Telefon (Rumah) / Phone (Home)
    Office Email Address (required) Personal Email Address (required)
    Kelayakan Akademik: Diploma / Academic Qualification: Diploma:
    Ijazah asas / Foundation:
    Ijazah Sarjana / Bachelor’s Degree:
    Ijazah Ph.D & Bidang / Doctorate’s Degree & Course:
    Kelayakan Iktisas 1 / Professional Qualification 1:
    Kelayakan Iktisas 2 / Professional Qualification 2:
    Jawatan Sekarang/ Current Position:
    Nama Agensi / Agency Name:
    Maklumat mengenai tugas-tugas sekarang / Information about current duties:
    Please give a statement on how you are involved with the evaluation or want to be involved  
    Membership Type: Ordinary MemberAssociate MemberCorporate MemberHonorary Member

    I confirm that the above-given information is correct. On approval of my membership, I consent to abide by the rules of MES as laid out in its Constitution. I also agree to pay the membership fee as registration fees for new member registrations.