Evaluation Advocacy

Evaluation advocacy work is at the heart of the Malaysian Evaluation Society.

Most of our evaluation advocacy work aims to help promote the benefits of evaluation, providing assistance and advice on evaluation policy matters, exchange of ideas/ experiences, and resources related to all aspects of evaluation for Parliamentarians, experts, development partners, NGOs and the interested public.
A number of initiatives and actions are being undertaken by MES as part of its' evaluation advocacy work:
  • Promoting the overall benefits of monitoring and evaluation agenda
  • Facilitating the formation of national networks for information exchange on evaluation
  • Advisory role to regional networks and formation of similar societies in Asia particularly in SE Asia
  • Awareness building through public media on the importance and usefulness of evaluation
  • Online discussions on contemporary evaluation issues
  • Professional development activities through education and training
  • Providing forums for networking and discussion including publications, workshops and conferences
  • Creating awards for advancements and innovations in evaluation
MES also carries out various activities related to evaluation research, training, and development to help promote evaluation activities at the national and international level.
Drop a note to: secretary@mes.org.my

Issues & Challenges

In undertaking its' evaluation advocacy work, one of the challenges MES faces is the lack of financial support for promoting frequent regional request for advice and support for assistance particularly in setting up national associations and networks in evaluation.
MES welcomes collaboration with or any form of support from development partners in promoting and advocating the evaluation agenda in developing countries.