• Membership is open to all individuals involved in evaluation activities in both the private and public sector. Membership shall also be open to all evaluation-related organisations registered, formed or incorporated under the Companies Act, 1965, the Societies Act, 1966, or any legislation passed by the Federal or State government;
  • There shall be four classes of membership, as follows:
    • Ordinary MembershipIndividuals who are directly and actively involved in evaluation activities;
    • Associate MembersIndividuals and organizations, whose main activity is not evaluation but is related to the research or auditing professions;
    • Corporate MembershipPublic or private sector organisations whose activities are directly related to evaluation or evaluation-related fields;
    • Honorary MembershipIndividuals who are involved with evaluation work and who are in a position to contribute to the growth and development of the evaluation profession

    A Member Representative can be nominated, replaced, or removed only by a Corporate Member and shall automatically cease to be a member once he/she is no longer employed by the Corporate Member.

Membership Form Dowloads: BM Version
English Version International Version

Instructions for Membership Application:

1. Download the file and complete the required details;
2. Email the completed and signed application form to: (you can sign it with an electronic signature);
3. Send the original completed and signed application form (do not send any payment) to the MES Secretariat at the
following address:

Malaysian Evaluation Society (MES)
Suite 3-6, Perdana The Place
1, Jalan PJU 8/5G, Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor DE, Malaysia


4. You will receive an email acknowledgement from the Secretariat;
5. Once the MES Board has approved your membership, you will receive notification and payment instructions.

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