Policy Responses to the CoViD19 Pandemic

1 month 6 days ago #4 by arurasappan
The ongoing CoViD19 pandemic has created a plethora of issues and challenges for the government and the public alike. The CoViD19 incident has generally created an upheaval in the way the entire society functions on a daily basis. It has caused major shift in the way we behave, move, act, react, and even think. The crisis has brought out the best and the worst of effects one can imagine. The effects are being felt across the board on all aspects of our lives and on government and public policy. Almost all issues arising have a public policy implication and should be reviewed, analysed, and appropriate responses initiated.

We invite MES members to publish their thoughts, experiences and recommendations on how public policy in Malaysia should respond to these issues & challenges - both present and emerging.

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29 May, 2020

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