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About Us


We began in the late 1990s as an idea

Our Vision

To be an exemplary national evaluation society for developing, promoting, and practicing innovative but practical evaluation standards, practices, and interests in Malaysia, the region and internationally.

Our Mission

To promote and sustain the concept, practice, and usefulness of evaluation to support the achievement of optimal performance and results across all sectors in Malaysia

In 1995, a group of like-minded professionals interested in promoting the importance of evaluation in the programme cycle, began discussing forming an association for that purpose. In 1999, the Malaysian Evaluation Society was launched. 

As a Voluntary Organization for Professional Evaluation (VOPE) and a non-profit voluntary organisation, MES is set up to be a professional network where evaluators, and those working in areas relevant to the function of evaluation can come together out of mutual interest and for peer-learning and knowledge exchange. Under the overall aim of promoting evaluation, VOPEs such as MES strives to be a forum where members can build their mutual compentencies as well as share and take part in relevant opportunities including research and career employment. VOPEs also functions as a node in the domestic and international development sector, where they play a bridging role in bringing together the various stakeholders, which includes the public sector, academia, civil society, and private enterprise. 

MES is proud to count amongst its international partners, the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE), a coalition of VOPEs, and EvalPartners, a partnership of VOPEs, civil society organisations, and the UN system. MES continues to be an active participant in the more recent platforms, such as the Global Evaluation Initiative. Regionally, MES was one of the core members of the Asia-Pacific Evaluation Association (APEA), and has served as APEA Secretariat between 2016-17.

Our Management Committee

For the 2023-25 term, MES is proud to count amongst its committee members, those with experience in the international system, the public sector, the private finance sector, academia, as well Malaysian charitable foundations and CSOs.

Come work with us

We are forming a community of practice for evaluators and those working in areas relevant to evaluation