MySkills evaluation: site visit & briefing

A short report of the site visit and briefing for the evaluation project, from the Management Committee (2019-20)
This evaluation project was in consultation with the MySkills Foundation, and was one of the activities meant to provide evaluation exposure to MES members.

The MES team visited the MySkills Center in Kalumpang on 27 August, 2020. The team was made up of the Mr. Supramaniam S. (President), Mr Koshy Thomas (Advisor), Mr. Jayakumar M., (Board member) and Dr. Aru Rasappan (Advisor).

The MES team was met by the CEO of the MySkills Programme.  We had a good briefing on the background and dynamics of this special programme to get kids from the B40 group who have challenges with their schooling, into a more hands-on skills programme. This is to get them moulded into more a more productive and employable workforce so that they are able to get a better foothold in life.

The MES team took a tour of the campus and ended it with a sample of the food that was prepared by the students there.  MES has volunteered to assist them by carrying out a summative evaluation and to share the evaluation findings and recommendations with key policy agencies and stakeholders.

We expect to kick start this important evaluation project in October, 2020 if all goes well.

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